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Clarkson Presidents Challenge

Aug 2022 - Oct 2022

On October 15, 2022, Clarkson University celebrated the inauguration of  its 17th President, Marc P. Christensen. As part of his challenge to the  student body, President Christensen tasked them with the goal of  shooting a hockey puck into a net using a giant Rube Goldberg machine.  This challenge was taken on by Clarkson Ignite, a student-led  organization, and over the course of the first seven weeks of the  semester, more than 50 students from 15 different academic groups came  together to brainstorm, design, and build the machine.

On October 14th, the student body was able to showcase their creation  during a Clarkson Golden Knights hockey game. With only three minutes to  set up the machine, execute the shot, and remove it from the ice, the  students successfully scored a Golden Knight Goal, thrilling the crowd  and making history at Clarkson University.

As the Ice Team Lead, I played a critical part in the successful  completion of the 2022 Clarkson University President's Challenge. I  fabricated many modules of the Rube Goldberg machine alongside members of Clarkson Ignite. I trained  volunteers to ensure efficient and safe operation of the machine, and my efforts paid off as everything ran smoothly during the big moment. I  was also responsible for overseeing the purchasing and efficient use of  over $2,000 worth of hardware, which was crucial to the success of the  project. Check out the video to see the machine in action!

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